While attempting to comment on a site with Visual Feedback, you may periodically see this message appear:

Why are you seeing this?

Visual Feedback enables you to comment on any element within any page of a website or web application.

It does this by uniquely identifying each element on the page you are currently viewing.

If Visual Feedback cannot tell an element apart from all the other elements on that page (i.e., uniquely identify that element), it will not let you comment on it.

Visual Feedback does this to prevent you from commenting on an element which we would later be unable to retrieve comments for. In other words, if you commented on an element which this message appears for, others would not be able to see your comment.

In practice, this message does not appear often. If this message appears frequently for you, let us know (by chatting with us or emailing us) so we can take a look and provide a solution!

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