Do you use Slack..? We do! Want to send notifications about activity in your projects to a specified Slack channel? Here's how you can do just that...

Step 1. Log in to your account.

Step 2. After logging in, click your profile image or the downward-pointing arrow next it (both located in the right-hand-side of the navigation bar).

Step 3. Next, click "Integrations" from the dropdown.

Note: You will only see this option if you are the administrator of your company in If you just created your account, you are already the administrator of your company. If you are part of a multi-user company in, you will need the current administrator (visible from the "Company" page linked to in this same dropdown) to promote you to the administrator.

Step 4. Click the blue "Connect" button in the Slack integration box.

Step 5.
If you are not logged into Slack's website, Slack will request that you log in now. Please do so now if you haven't previously. does not see or process your credentials.

Step 6. Select a Slack channel you'd like to post to. Typically, this is a channel within your Slack team used for notifications and/or interactions with external applications.

Step 6. After selecting your desired destination Slack channel for notifications from, click the green "Authorize" button.

Step 7. Following successful setup, you will see a success message at the top of the page. Click the gray "Cog"/"Gear" icon in the Slack integration box to configure the integration.

Step 8. From this page, you can see which Slack channel the integration is posting to. Select/deselect all user actions which you'd like to receive Slack notifications for on this page. To send notifications to a different Slack channel, click the "Reconnect" link at the bottom and repeat steps 5-7 above.

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