Connecting your account to any number of WordPress sites is as easy as follows:

Installing the Plugin

  1. Download the official Visual Feedback plugin here:
  2. Visit your WordPress site and log in as an administrator.
  3. Install the Visual Feedback plugin in your WordPress site.

Configuring the Plugin

  1. Visit the plugin's settings page by clicking the "Visual Feedback" link in your WordPress site's admin menu.
  2. Click the "Configure Plugin" button at the bottom of the plugin's settings page.
  3. You will be sent to to choose a Project and Event to link that particular WordPress site. Click the "Confirm" button when you are done. All feedback from that WordPress site will be associated with your chosen Project and Event, so choose carefully.
  4. After your plugin has automatically saved your settings, check the information under " Connection Details" to be sure you chose your desired Project and Event.

Providing Feedback

  1. Check the "Feedback Enabled?" checkbox on the plugin's settings page to activate Visual Feedback on your WordPress site's front-end.
  2. Visit your WordPress site from the front-end to begin commenting. Send your clients there too!
  3. When you and your clients are finished providing feedback, you may uncheck the "Feedback Enabled?" checkbox on the plugin's settings page to prevent further feedback. You may also deactivate the plugin (your settings will remain saved unless you uninstall the plugin.)


  • How many WordPress sites can I link to my account? As many as you want. When you configure the "Visual Feedback" plugin, your settings are saved to that specific WordPress site. In other words, you can send feedback from multiple WordPress sites to multiple Events by installing the plugin on multiple WordPress sites.
  • Can anyone configure the WordPress plugin? No, only the administrator of your Agency has permission to do so, in attempts to prevent misconfiguration.
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